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We don’t have any products to show here right now.

For the same $5 you can help us by becoming a PATREON supporter and get the same Live-Stream Link
*PLUS FREE ACCESS to all of our past recordings (hundreds of hours of content) to watch anytime you want.

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For only $5 you gain access to all of our IN THEATER private streams!

PATREON also gives you access to 100s of hours of our past Television and Movie shows roasts. See the entire list here ( You also get to participate in our MONTHLY GAME NIGHTS where we play Jackbox games, Movie trivia etc with only our Patreon subscribers.

Subscribing gives you first dibs on suggesting future content we roast as well as we future guests to join us live as a guest all the time.

*Cancel anytime and still get the months benefits that you paid for including if you only wanted to see a specific stream that month.

*Join the chat and make your own riffs with the private online audience.



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