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the stage craft theater 520 N western Ave, LA, 90004
Next LA Roast TBA Soon

*FREE* Religious Roast Night
'Joseph Smith The Movie'
Thursday April 28th 8pm

Joseph Smith Wide.png

Join Ex-Mormon comedians making jokes and playing drinking games over the 2005 movie that celebrates JOSEPH SMITH, a "Profit" of God.

Entry is FREE and seating is first come first served, you don't need a reservation just show up. Wine, Beer, and Sodas will be available as well as small Snacks.

The Stage Crafts Theater 520 N Western Ave, LA, 90004


Front Row Film Roast builds off the MST3K style of riffing/roasting by adding jokes and commentary as the movie plays, while take it a step further with drinking games that the whole audience can participate in.

Checkout a trailer for the show here:

You can also watch a live-stream of the roast by subscribing for only $5

With that subscription you can watch the recordings of all of our past shows for free including movies, tv, reality tv and religious roasts.

Sponsored by Front Row Film Roast and Crowdsourced Comedy. Ages 16+.

Host: Jessica Sproge-

Andrew Sproge-

Special Guests:TBD

Follow our social media for future shows and to share your own jokes.

Watch a Trailer of our Live show (Filmed in Salt Lake)
the stage craft theater
520 N western Ave, LA, 90004
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